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How to Get Florida Medical Marijuana Card

Florida is one of the states where marijuana can be legally used for medical purpose. Patients with certain condition can opt to use medical marijuana, usually as pain killer or to help bring back appetite. Of course, there are strict rules about medical marijuana. Patients who want to use marijuana as part of treatment is legally required to have Florida Medical Marijuana Card.

This card is a proof that you are legally permitted and prescribed to medical marijuana. Without Florida medical marijuana cards, anyone using marijuana for any purpose is considered as felony in this state. Getting this card is not that complicated. First you need to make sure that you have qualifying medical condition for medical marijuana treatment. You can find the list of conditions on medical marijuana on local medical marijuana authority’s website.

If you are qualified, apply for the card online and get an evaluation from a physician. The physician must be one of the certified Florida medical marijuana doctors. Once you completed the evaluation, there’s 90 days period before finally you can complete the enrollment and get your card. Click here for list of medical marijuana doctors in florida. It seems like a complicated process but when you strict to the protocol, it won’t be too much hassle.