Today Is a Rest Day!

It is important to realize the importance of rest between workouts. They provide an opportunity to rebuild and repair themselves after intense exercise the body. Lifting weights and / or body weight exercises cause micro tears in your muscles. Rest the body can repair these muscles and by focusing on these muscles, your body automatically builds them a little stronger and bigger than before. No body is a beautiful thing?

BUT, you do not have a rest day lying on the couch all day drinking soda and eating potato chips! You have to do three things. Thirdly it will speed up the recovery and get ready for the next training session.

1. Flood your body with nutrients from real foo;. juices and smoothies or, plenty of vegetables, fruits, lean proteins and water. Your body desperately needs to restore and rebuild. You have a point to drink a lot when your body needs to rehydrate yourself after an intense workout. I also want to add one scoop of whey protein powder to smoothies I give my muscles a boost.

2. Do some physical activity! What I like is. But you can also do stretching, yoga, qigong, Tai Chi and / or swim. It is time to insist on your personal best when running extra. Take it easy!

3. Get plenty of sleep! We all know that sleep is the body’s way of giving mind and body a chance to recover and heal. Not short change your fitness program to cheat yourself out of a good nights sleep. If possible short “power nap” in the course of the day. Your body will thank you for it!

Optional: This is also a great time to meditate, listen to soothing music or a hobby like painting or drawing chase. Start a journal, it’s a great way to relax and organize your thoughts.

stay fit and after the planned fitness regime takes dedication. Allowing your body to rest maintain a balance between the physical demands of strenuous exercise program put on muscle and must rest.

As I got older I became more aware of the importance of rest. I think I have two or even three days of hard training. Listen to your body! The old adage of no pain no gain is outdated and an invitation to an injury that will sideline your fitness program. So enjoy your day. Follow this advice and you are ready to hit the gym tomorrow fresh and refreshing.

Do you have adrenal fatigue?


Otherwise called the “21st Century Stress Syndrome”, adrenal deficiency can be experienced by anybody and everybody.

“Any individual who does not get enough rest and unwinding to appreciate life, keep on encouraing him/ herself, which is forever discontent or a stickler, which is under steady weight (particularly with numerous outlets for passionate release), who feels caught or not feeble, who feel overpowered by intermittent or industrious troubles, or who have encountered extreme enthusiastic or physical injury or endless malady may endure some level of adrenal weariness. ”

– James L. Wilson, adrenal inadequacy, The 21st Century Stress Syndrome

In the event that you or somebody you love any of these indications, it could be adrenal deficiency:

Tired for no reason

Experience difficulty getting up in the morning

Espresso or cola needs to proceed

Feeling rundown or focused

Long for sweet salty snacks

Attempting to stay aware of the requests of regular life

Couldn’t ricochet back from anxiety or disease

Nothing more fun

Diminished sex drive

On the off chance that you can identify with this, I would propose purchasing a book that I cited above to take in more about how to create adrenal deficiency (indication: anxiety, absence of slumber, traumatic life occasions, poor eating regimen, uneasiness, monetary anxiety, and so on.) and what you can do. Then, consider a couple of things you can do (or quit doing) to help decrease the weight on your adrenal organs:

1. Roll out some way of life improvements.

This is a vital step towards the recuperation of adrenal inadequacy. Once more, stretch can result in adrenal weariness, so we have to diminish the anxiety in our lives. It serves to evaluate your life and see where your anxiety occasions, individuals can dispose of, and propensities (insufficient slumber, a lot of work, and so on.). It likewise means disposing of negative mental self view, we can discuss ourselves for not having the capacity to rival things like we used to.

2. Maintain a strategic distance from nourishments that you are touchy to.

Consuming sustenances that cause our bodies are touchy to inner weight. It is extremely helpful to figure out if you have sustenance sensitivities and afterward keep away from those sustenances. Likewise, it is best to keep away from sugar, handled sustenances, as well. This will take out the stressors throughout your life!

3. Build your admission of salt.

You may end up desiring salty nourishments. That is on account of your body needs more salt! Salt is an incredible expansion to somebody with adrenal deficiency, as it not just helps expand pulse (a great many people with adrenal weakness had low circulatory strain), yet it will help supplant sodium lost piece of the cell. I would exceedingly suggest ocean salt in light of the fact that it contains a greater number of minerals than table salt.

4. Evade juice.

Stimulant animates the adrenal organs. In the event that they are sold, they worked now and again unquestionably won’t improve the situation. Actually, the torment over the long haul.

5. Check the again of your preparation program.

You’re moving in a fun manner no less than three times each week? Giving your body the perfect measure of practice that is not very substantial is a heavenly approach to help your body recuperate.

6. Figure out how to reflect.

Reflection provides for us the chance to spotlight on the breath and quiet our personalities (where a large portion of our anxiety originates from in any case!). Begin reflection can be baffling right away in the event that you think that it hard to sit still and calm, however I guarantee, with practice, it will be simpler to get and even fun.

Told me how it functions for you or on the off chance that you have any inquiries. I’m content to impart what has worked for me in my own particular excursion with adrenal weakness!