Health Care Rationing


What kind of bureaucrat who will explain to describe it as “generous, hopeful, confident, happy and just”? His love for the miserly, miserable, difficult, cold and all the British National Health Service

Harvard will be based doctor Donald Berwick, who recently received a recess appointment as administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services by bureaucrats and stale pessimistic vision for America describes as “hope and change.”

Recess promise to use executive procedures, for better or worse, when the Senate gave the president a hard time appointed for the hearing, for example when they filibuster candidates. Obama Berwick appointment bear differences were without even planning conferences.

Obama seems determined that the requirements set by he appeared before the Senate Democrats handled is ridiculous resistance confidential. This is not a recess appointment – the promise of vacation to Bermuda.

As the Wall Street Journal noted, “passed the Senate confirmation of the new Medicare chief promises are part of the same political desire desire that Obamacare raised in the country, despite the objections of most of the voters.” CBS News says: “The debate over Berwick recess appointment to make clear what the White House knew all too well -. Berwick should the Senate confirmation process, which will be transformed into a proxy debate on health care reform was safe”.

Berwick, who is responsible for the health of 100 million Americans are without public inquiries about the article in office, was quoted as saying, “I am romantic about the NHS, I love it.” Her own “American fans” of the system, called “aloof and starry eyes.”

In his speech in London to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the NHS, Berwick gave the statement pro-American community “Do you believe in the free market system that you need … I do not believe that the individual health care consumer can enforce through selecting the correct configuration from a large and complex system such as health care.’s for leaders to do. ”

When it comes to love Berwick for health system centered around the use of death panels, apparently absence makes the heart grow fonder. After coming home and dream for the English National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, the operational arm of the NHS, Berwick realized that “All I need to do to rediscover the romance is to look at the state of my own health.”

The country would be the United States, the largest health system in the world, and will be a deep source of inspiration for anyone who truly loves medicine. Stand-alone Harvard Medical School Berwick, where you’d think there would be some medical progress last year to regulate his heart flutter.

But no – Berwick passion for coaching euthanasia and the quality of life-adjusted.

Berwick certainly never under the jurisdiction of the NHS to survive you will have an affair with the British health care system to make a call. A long distance relationship.

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