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Real Estate Title Transfer Transactions Ownership is when a person possesses a property and has all legal rights to it. In this breath, it is important to know a few things about property ownership and how it is carried out in an acceptable manner. A real estate owner has the privilege of selling the property whenever he or she wishes. If he wishes, he can give it out as a gift to somebody else. An owner has all these right only if he possesses a sale deed which proves that he is the rightful proprietor. A transfer of property possession will only be valid after making the sale deed and registering it in the buyer’s name. You cannot underestimate the essence of a conveyance deed when it comes to real estate title transfer. An owner cannot change ownership of real estate if there is any legal restriction barring such move. If the seller has granted the power of Attorney to a person, that person has the authority to sell the house under this order. The power of authority allows an agent to act on behalf of the property owner to sell a property. However, it is important to distinguish the authority to sell on behalf of owner and authority to manage the property.
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Before any sales take effect, both the buyer and seller must agree on the terms of sale. The agreements are legally binding, and in a case of any disputes, one party can produce it as a show of evidence. At the time of a transaction, the seller and buyer must append their signatures on the sale deed and a non-judicial stamp paper. Any document which facilitates property transfer must be registered. The office of registrar is available to facilitate document registration by signing and stamping them. The local authority can only establish the validity of the transfer. Stamp duties charges must be remitted during all this process as a sale of property gains are taxable. It is essential to registration transfer documents so as to prevent fraudulent transactions and safeguard properties.
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When one buys a property, then the transfer documents must have his or her names and not the seller. The new owner must apply for a name change to the regional public authorities. He must attach all documents that relate to that particular transaction to facilitate the process of change of name. You must follow all procedures in the purchase of real estate and submit all taxes. It may sound simple to acquire a property although there are many things that you must look into so as to get a property transfer and change of name. You can seek the guidance of a real estate lawyer to facilitate the acquisition.

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