I Have Lost About Half the Weight

It is not much fun really, but I have lost around half of the weight that my doctor and I decided that I need to lose. The start was very slow, because I was not really eager to fully commit as I knew it would be a tough slog. At any rate I started by just getting into the shape where I could really burn some calories, it does no good to start out too hard and pull something. Then I started to read stuff like idealshape reviews for idealshakes, the idea being to get on one of those meal replacement schemes. I decided that I would take the weight loss shake to work with me. So I would work out in the morning, then I would eat a fairly substantial breakfast. Instead of fatty foods I would try to eat lots of fruit along with a cereal that was low in calories. It does not last you all day obviously and so you are going to have to be able to get through to the end of the day.

So I was looking for a way to find out if the shake is going to fit my needs. Obviously I need for it to be usable, which is to say that it is going to get me through my work day and that I am going to be able to use it in the role it is supposed to do. If I can not stand the stuff, then it is not worth the money it costs. It is not going to do me a bit of good if it sits on a shelf in my pantry. The only way it does me good is if I can use it the way that it is intended to be used. I have to think it tastes good enough.

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