It’s Tough Being a Parent and Sometimes Even Tougher to Become a Parent

It was not easy conceiving. As a married couple we started out enjoying each other just because of love and the bond and how great it feels. Then we both talked about why there was no pregnancy. We both went to the doctor to see if there was a problem. There was nothing really out of the ordinary. All of the parts where in the right place and functioning normally. We talked about fertility drugs and treatments and even Amazon Vitex fertility pills. There were all kinds of options, and we did not know whether to go natural, try a medication or see if some sort of fertilization treatment would help.

For a time the act of procreating became just that-an act. We had so much stuff on our mind of timing, temperature and stuff that it was like a lab experiment. I remember taking my temperature to see when I was ovulating and calling my husband to come home from work once on my day off when the thermometer hit the spot I was looking for. It became tedious and much less than natural and loving. It felt more like a second job than just loving each other and getting the result of having a baby. After a time we missed a couple of ovulations due to work assignments.

Then we decided to take an impromptu mini vacation. My husband called his work and just told them he needed three days off. He said he would be back and ready to work if they complied, and was going anyway if they said no. They like him and quickly agreed. Then he handed me the phone and told me to call my work. I did the same and got the same result. We packed light and headed to the coast for three days. A month later we were pregnant! Ten years later we have two beautiful girls.

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