Wellness: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make

Why You Need Self Esteem

One common problem the society faces today is low self-esteem. There are days when looking in the mirror isn’t just worth it. There are also bad times when random strangers says something horrible (fat shames) about a picture you posted in a certain social media account. Some days like these can happen and it’s part of life. The modern age procures lots of pressure towards everybody and nobody escapes that especially now that social media is included. Yet, there are some people who continue living with low self-esteem ingrained in them. Instead of moving past the negative feedbacks from strangers, they tend to remain on the feeling of hurt over the things said. And then later on, they will feel bad about themselves and start saying unhealthy comment about their lives.

Self-hate is a dangerous thing to harbor. It ruins the precious relations you have with parents, siblings and friends, in addition to the limitation it sets on your competences in life. Confidence is one of the best things to have in your life, so driving up the confidence level is essential. People with confidence have job opportunities lining up for them. In relationships, confident folks tend to be in healthier ones.

But it is a different story when it’s about people who struggles with low self-esteem every day. They are likely to form bonds with an abusive person and stay in low income jobs. Indeed, the problem of having low self-esteem generates more problem. The life they’re living is not filled with happiness.

Reasons behind Low Self-Esteem

There are numerous reasons for people having low self-esteem. Traumatic experiences and inadequate love from people around you can lead to having low sefl-esteem. Instability in the work place or the relationship with your partner can induce low self-worth and self-blame. Strengthening your self-esteem is one of the most efficient way to eliminate the bad vibes and self-destruction you feel around you. Learning how to boost your confidence is one way to change the path you are taking.

Giving your Self-Esteem a Boost

Changes in your life doesn’t just appear out of nowhere, it grows with effort and time. You should start by analyzing yourself to see where the problem is settling in. Are you having problems about criticisms brought by friends and strangers or is it about wanting to maintain a figure you want? Many people who struggle with low self-esteem want satisfaction from the people around them. This is not good because the focus should be on the person’s wellness and health, and not on what other people are saying. If you are like this, change should start now.

You are a Unique Cupcake!

Start the day with deep breathes and channel the energy of being alive around you. Take time to reflect on the things around you and feel the beating of your heart. If you start having negative thoughts, don’t fret, just think of something positive about it. To wave off those bad vibes, walk some extra minutes after work hours. Everybody has bad days and sad moments, but it should not be the center of everything. Keep in mind that you are unique, someone loves you, and be kind to yourself – no one understand you the way you do.

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